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Chicago’s Beneteau Dealer!

That’s right, we are excited to be the new Beneteau dealer for the greater Chicago area.

Since 2002 we have been an authorized Beneteau dealer servicing Michigan with a showroom and office located in Muskegon.  And just this year, in addition to Chicago, we are now selling Beneteau throughout Illinois, Iowa, Indiana & Nebraska, based out of our Kenosha office.

So why are we focusing on Chicago right now?  Simple, we are getting ready for the Spring Open House with our friends at Sailtime, where we will be showcasing our Beneteau Oceanis 48, Oceanis 38 and Oceanis 31.

Learn more about the Oceanis 48, 38 and 31 below.

The Beneteau Oceanis 48

“With its alluring sleek silhouette and a deck plan optimized for cruising, the Oceanis 48 is perfectly proportioned. Numerous options to maximize space and efficiency distinguish her from others.  She urges you to set off on long cruises and experience enjoyable stopovers.”

Beneteau Oceanis 48

Beneteau Oceanis 48

Exterior Design

The Oceanis 48 comes equipped with a mainsail arch, centered mast offering her impeccable balance and a streamline hull for great stability and comfort at all speeds. The combination of these elements is an important step towards agility, safety and flow when living on board.

Interior Design

The spacious interior allows up to five cabins or the choice of three cabins with a roomy forward owner’s suite. The cleverly designed shared living spaces, in either contemporary light oak or traditional mahogany, are bathed in ample light from the large hull portholes.

Every Latitude in the Call of the Ocean

The Oceanis 48 is a refinement of innovative evolution making her safe, fast and incredibly comfortable. She is open to all programs, even the most ambitious ones.

The Beneteau Oceanis 38

“Unheard of customization and performance, the Oceanis 38 bends all the rules associated with yachts of this size. Depending on the needs of her skipper, she can be configured as the ideal daysailer, weekender or a full-on cruiser. “

Beneteau Oceanis 38

Beneteau Oceanis 38

Exterior design

A continuous full-length chine and deep draft T-shaped keel maximize performance with minimum heel. Every 38 features twin rudders and a spacious cockpit with a dual helm to make single-handed sailing almost second nature.

Interior design

The Oceanis 38 rethinks the use of the boat leaving three options for her initial layout up to the owner, while maintaining the potential to be modified at a later date. Ample storage, a choice of interior woodwork and upholstery grants a personalized level of comfort.

The choice of a separate shower compartment is popular in the three cabin version. A unique feature on this size of cruiser, the fore cabin’s bed head faces in the same direction as the boat.

Open sailing

The Oceanis 38 rethinks the use of the boat, leaving the choice of its initial layout to the owner, while maintaining the potential to change arrangements at a later date. With the Daysailer, Weekender or Cruise, there are three ways to reorganize life on board the same boat.


The Beneteau Oceanis 31

“Spacious and agile, the Oceanis 31 is a safe ally for comfortable cruising. Ingenious, seaworthy and pleasant to live on, the first boat of the range does not fall short in family resemblance.  It was awarded with the prestigious title of “Yacht of the Year” in the Family Cruiser category, the year it was launched.”

Beneteau Oceanis 31

Beneteau Oceanis 31

Exterior Design

The Oceanis 31 is the ultimate small family cruiser. Emphasis on safety, simplicity, and performance, she bears an unrestricted cockpit and timeless profile.  The choice of a deep, shallow or lifting keel boat version is offered and evenly matched by the Elvström Windward 300+ sail in the Performance Pack.

Interior design

Below deck are surprises with creative engineering optimizing space and comfort. Finished in either light oak or mahogany, the option of a separate fore cabin or one large open space allows for a desired choice of privacy. Constructed with a roomy aft cabin, spacious head and practical galley, the Oceanis 31 excels in efficiency.

Loft design or greater privacy?

The spirit of the Oceanis 31 is summed up in the choice of these two different interior layouts. She is a cruiser that can be built around the lifestyle of her owner. Whatever the version, the layout makes movement easy on board and she has optimized storage spaces.