The New Norm? – Sail Place

The New Norm?

I have been hearing that a lot over the last few days. After hearing it again yesterday it dawned on me that I don’t believe this phrase is applicable to the situation we find ourselves in. I believe “The Temporary Norm” is a better fit. It is obvious that we have all been affected in varying degrees by Covid-19, some unfortunately forever and we are truly sorry for those losses.  

I choose to believe that staying home with the uncertainty of not knowing if we are able to use or access our boats will never be a new norm for me.  It does however remind me of how important spending time with our families is and, for us sailors, also means time on the water sailing and seeing friends at our marinas. I hear a lot of opinions on how we will react when this is over. Will we be changed forever, or will we go right back to life as it was? I for one hope that we will remember how much we missed our families and friends and realize how important it is to carve time out of our busy schedules to be with them.

Sail Place will ride this storm out like we have others over our almost 50 years with the Fulbright family at the helm. We want to be here for all of you, so you are able to realize your dreams of continuing your boating or helping you get started.

A lot of us have found ourselves with a little more free time than we are used to. If you have been thinking about learning more about sailboat ownership, trading into a new or used sailboat or maybe putting your current boat on the market, now might be a good time to reach out to us for expert advice.

Let’s all stay focused and stay safe so we can get past this. My light at the end of the tunnel will be feeling and seeing the wind on my face and in my sails! 

Dave Fulbright
Sail Place Inc.